Tools for Distributed Software Teams

An increasing number of development teams are choosing to work in a distributed environment. Many wise entrepreneurs are building their startups with a remote culture from the outset so they can attract the best talent to join their team. Telecommuting certainly isn’t a new concept, but thankfully the tools available continue to improve all of the time. Here is a list of tools that we highly recommend for remote software teams.

Project Management:
Pivotal Labs
Blossom – for agile software teams

Synchronous Communication:
Sqwiggle – stay connected to your team
ScreenHero – great pair programming tool
Google Hangouts

Asynchronous Communication:
Slack – the new chat tool of choice for many software teams
Gitter – chat, for GitHub

Customer Service:
HelpScout – great help desk tool

Every Timezone – great visual time zone page
Double Robotics – telepresence robot for telecommuters
15Five – employee feedback tool for large teams
iDoneThis – daily team update summaries
Sococo – a virtual office space for your company

Check out our list of recommended products on Product Hunt.